October 30th, 1911
Angelo Savelli was born in Pizzo Calabro (Catanzaro). Since his very childhood, Savelli’s interest in art grows thanks to his uncle, the self-taught painter Alfonso Barone.

After attending Filangieri Grammar School in Vibo Valentia, Calabria, he is encouraged by his father Giorgio, an apothecary, to develop his artistic potential; Savelli moves to Rome and attends a high school specializing in arts, and later the Academy of Fine Arts. During this period Savelli is a guest of the Minister of the Royal House of Savoy, Lucifero Falcone, a friend of his father’s.

He obtains a pilot’s licence from the Ministry of War. The licence also entitles him to a student grant.

He wins the “Mattia Preti” award and later the “Balestra” award for an art contest organized by San Luca Academy in Rome.